15 nov. 2014

Reform and Catalan process: parallel lives

                           Reform                                             Catalan Process

Leaders    Martin Luther, Dr. in Theology     --  Valentí Almirall, Catalan lawyer
                 Frederick the Wise                      --  Artur Mas, Catalan PM

Turning point   Attack on Indulgences,         --  Demonstration during National
                        Wittenberg (1517)                   Day of Catalonia (2012)                                                                            

Inner turning   Faith alone                           -- Catalonia is a Nation

Political counterpart   Emperor Charles V     -- Spanish State
Outer counterpart       Pope                         -- E.U.

Questioning             Roman church unity      -- Spanish unity
Denouncing             Popish corruption         -- Spanish corruption 

First inst. victory      Diet of Worms (1521)   -- Unofficial pool (2014)

First martyrs          Johann Esch, Heinrich Voes   --Lluís Companys

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